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The Offering


Training offerings focus on the acquisition of relevant knowledge, development of competitive skills, and reflection on application and action to create change.  Training programs are designed based on the needs of an individual organization, in response to the priorities of supporting organizational change, and the  Our training design uses adult learning principles and is responsive to diverse learning styles.  

Training workshops also include some commercial training offerings on topics such as leadership, team development, coaching for success, and generational difference. Our training design expertise enables us to develop custom offerings for your needs. Evaluation of our offerings is conducted using multiple methods including an impact survey that is aligned with measuring success at adapting training skills to the work of the individual trainee. 

Self-discovery and self-awareness are essential to developing our capacity to lead.  And a core component in that process includes personal reflection and analysis of our own behaviors as leaders. Equally as valuable is insight and feedback from those around us who know us well, who have experience of us in our role as a leader, and who are committed in their support of our personal development to provide honest input into the behaviors we exhibit to others. Combined, these essential perspectives provide invaluable insight into how we view ourselves as a leader, how others view us, and what actions we can take to improve our effectiveness.  

An experienced and highly rated training, I offer both customized and off-the-shelf training programs in a number of areas.  

The Renaissance TRIO Training Project is an example of the caliber of work product designed by this Coach.  My project team and I are GRATEFUL to serve the US Department of Education with this high quality training offering. 

Training Areas
  • Program Evaluation

  • The Grants Seminar 

  • Using Coaching in Student Development

  • Bridging the Generation Gap (in Leadership)

  • MBTI Type, Interpretation, and Application 

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Archetype, Interpretation, and Application (PMAI)

  • Program Design & Innovative Strategies

  • Leadership Development 

  • Influence and Executive Presence 

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